Watchers, Part 1

Watchers, Part 1 It's getting late in the evening. You and your colleague at work are just putting the finishing touches on the presentation the 2 of you are to give on Monday morning. His phone starts to vibrate and he tells you he needs to answer it. You overhear him say, I lost track of time, the project is finished meet at my office. I will make it up to you, I promise. He tells you that it was his wife and that they were supposed to meet for dinner an hour ago. The two of you finish up, and he heads to his office. Like a sun in the dark sky his office lights come one. The other offices are dark and you can't see in due to the reflective natures of the glass. He looks over at you and waves. Waving back, you grab your things and head out the door. You get to your car, and realize you forgot your phone in the office. You go back to get it, and see that he is still in his office. There is a woman there with him and you see that it is his wife. From the dark of your office, even with the door slightly open it is almost pitch black. His wife walks over to him and rubs his shoulders. She leans in and kisses his neck and runs her hands down his chest. You stop in your tracks and continue watching. The thoughts coming to mind as she touches him just so, gets your blood flowing. Knowing you should leave and let them have privacy, but you have to stay and watch. Need to stay and watch. He stands up, and wraps her in his arms. He spins her around now, back facing him. before her coat and touch the floor his hands are at her breasts as he kisses her neck. You watch as she lifts her head up and back. Her hands disappearing behind her. He gently lifts her blouse, revealing her see through bra. Her nipples are erect and you hands feel that yours are to. You take off your blouse, cupping and caressing your own tits. The sensation is just not there, you undo your bra with the front snap and let it fall to the floor. The cool air of your office gives you goose bumps. Pinching and pulling at your nipples as your co worker does the same to his wife. You can feel the heat building in your crotch with their foreplay. You watch with more anticipation hoping to get a glimpse of what she gets put inside of her. There it is, his cock semi limp hanging there. She turns around getting to her knees and takes him in without using her hands. You watch as she licks him hard. Her skirt has ridden up and you can barely make out her hand working on herself. As you watch, you can't take much more. You make your way over to the couch in your office, the light from the hallway dimly shines in on it. You kick off your shoes and remove your slacks and panties. You put one leg up on the seat and bend over slightly. One hand firmly squeezing a tit and the other finding your slit. She stands again facing away from him hiking her skirt up higher. She is shaved below and trimmed up top. Her pubic hair shaved into a heart. You don't feel the slight pain in your lip as you bite it. You feel your moisture lubricating your finger, as it slides easily up and down. Your coworker then takes control and bends his wife over. Her hands prop her up against the glass. You watch as he lubes his cock, then positions himself for the first insertion. One finger, then 2 finds your hole. As your fingers go into yourself you watch as he grabs his wife by the hips and pushes himself in. You watch her initial reaction as she keeps her eyes closed and sucks in a huge gasp of air. Your fingers and his cock are timed perfectly as he fucks her and you fuck yourself. As you watch the sex session across the way you don't hear the cleaning person approaching your door because of your sex sounds. The cleaning person is there. He's young, early to mid 20's. He comes up to your door and sees you. He watches your masturbation play from the small opening of your door. He can't stop watching you as you can't stop watching your coworker. he pushes the door open a little more and sees the couple across the building having sex. His dick getting hard with each slip of your fingers and each slide of the cock in the other office. You start to cum and as you do...."Put that cock in me" you blurt out giving sound about the fantasy of your coworker taking you from behind. He backs out slightly and pulls out his cock. He takes a deep breath and pushes the door open. The muted light from the hall breaks you of the seductive spell and you look back to see the cleaning guy in the doorway, cock in hand. You know you should be embarrassed and humiliated, but you don't feel any of that. Your request for a cock has been answered. You look him straight in the eye, and give him a slight approving nod. As he walks over to you he he takes off all of his clothes. "Take me, oh please, take me now"...you tell him as he reaches you and pushes his cock in you from behind. Your arch your back as you lean up to a semi standing position. His hands reaching around and grabbing your tits. You feel yourself losing balance and thrust your arm out to the wall. You inadvertently hit the light switch and all of the lights in your office come on. When they do your coworker and his wife see you having sex just as they are. Both women being taken from behind and enjoying it fully. Your coworker nods to the cleaning person and now the two men remove themselves from their respective sex pots. The wife points to you and to herself and begins waking over to the desk. She climbs up on it and spreads her legs wide, following her movements you do exactly the same. Both men watching their respective lovers as they beckon with one finger. Within seconds of each other you both feel warm breath and slick tongues going to work on your pussies. Your clits are sensitive from the poundings you each got and you both fall backwards on the desk moaning. Each of you put one leg on a shoulder as you cum. For you it's his left, for your coworker it's his right. Each man stands up, extending the leg. They look back to each other and this time the cleaning person grabs your other leg and your worker follows suit. You both have your legs extended and pressing on their chests. Your pussies are tightened with your legs being closed. You both look each other in the eyes as your mouths come open. The cocks going inside of you feel bigger with your closed holes. Slowly both men work their hips. Then get gradually faster. Just as both men are about to explode you each gently push your man away. Sliding off of the desk, the two of you are on your knees. Pulling your men closer you each take their cocks between your tits and begin stroking them off. Both of you looking down to take their heads only into your mouths. The game of follow the leader has now turned into a battle of control. Each man watching the other as the titty fuck/head suck progresses. the cleaning person reaches out first, then your coworker. Together they cum, shooting hot loads of fresh seed onto your tits and hers. Just before the cleaning person finishes you take his cock in your mouth and suck his cum out of him. Watching as she does the same. She stands up and kisses him on the lips, walks over and grabs her clothes. You give the cleaning person a kiss on the cheek and do the same. All 4 of you get dressed, and continue on about your night. You leave your office a minute before your coworker does. As you walk to your car, your coworker and his wife step off of the elevator. He calls out to you and asks you to wait. The couple walks up to you and.....................................................End of part 1


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