“Tonight we are getting fucked, especially you” your friend proclaims a little too loudly, before you both walk into the bar. She gives a wide smile as she looks at you. Both of you knowing that you have not had a good fucking for several months. Just as she finishes her proclamation hear a car door close. You both watch me as I walk into the bar before you. I am wearing tight jeans, motorcycle boots, leather jacket, and from what you could see a very skin tight t shirt detailing a rock solid body. As I walk in I look over at both you and smile, and give a polite nod with my head. Once I disappear inside, the two of you turn to each other knowing that I would suffice if the guys you are meeting tonight don’t work out. This night is more about you than her, and she knows it. She tells you that if mystery man isn’t to your liking to go after me. With that you both come into the bar. You find me towards the back, nursing a beer as the two of you stay near the door way waiting for your “dates” to arrive. When they do, you are taken aback about how “typical” they are. The guys are the same that you see in every bar. Only interested in one thing and one thing only. Even though that is what the two of you have come out for. Even your friend tells you, not with these two. I know you don’t do this, but we may have to have a 3 way. You spit out your drink slightly to keep from laughing, knowing she was talking about the 3 of us. You keep glancing towards me trying to figure out a way to come and talk, but there is no way you can. As you lean on the bar, you feel a tap on your shoulder from behind. It’s the bartender. She says she needs to tell you and your friend something private . You get your friends attention, and both of you lean in to hear what she has to say. She keeps an eye on the others so they don’t try to listen in. She tells you…”The gentleman at the far end of the bar wants to buy you both a drink, and that he would like to save you both from the little boys. He just asks for both of your names and when the time is right, play along.” You both look at the bartender, then at me. I don’t acknowledge your look, but somehow you know I am watching. The bartender hands you your drinks and comes back to me with your names. Several minutes pass by and you look to where I am sitting….or was sitting. Your heart sinks as you scan the bar and can’t find me. Your turn back to the wannabe’s in front of you when the door to the bar opens. I come walking in with a friend close behind. Tapping your friends foot, you hear her gasp as my friend is just as “hard” as I am. We stop in the archway look around and then at you. I wave and start walking over. Hello ladies, long time no see. You remember my buddy here. We completely ignore the two guys standing there. I wrap an arm around you with a firm confident grip and a kiss on the cheek. Playing right along with the ruse, you even add that we are old college friends. Handshakes and hugs go all around as one of the two guys standing there clears his throat. I look at you and ask who your friends are. They introduce themselves and we shake hands. My grip is strong enough to let them know they have just been “Cock Blocked” and they should leave……….now. One guy wants to say something, but he looks us over one more time and tells the other guy it’s time to go. We watch and laugh as they walk out the door with their tails between their legs. One complaining to the other. The rest of the night we hang together, shooting pool, throwing darts and so on. As the time nears, my friend and yours have started making out. We both know where it’s heading with them. You want to be doing the same with me, but your shyness keeps you in check. I ask you if you would like a ride home, you hesitantly agree after getting the yeah ok wave from your friend. I follow you to my car and open the door, before helping you in, I pull you close. One hand grabs your ass and squeezes firmly but is gentle. It reveals confidence in my actions as does the kiss I give you. You try to resist, but you’re your body gives in. You melt into me, your hand feeling my abs, and your lower body feeling the bulge in my jeans. We talk as we drive and you are becoming more and more relaxed. We reach your apartment and I walk you to the door. Before you step in, you reach up and kiss me again. The same feeling washes over you as my touch is gentle but hidden beneath is the feeling that I am the one to make you feel good again and possibly take you to where you want to be tonight. Pulling back with a shy smile on your face you ask me inside. You offer me a drink and sit with me on the couch. You play a teasing game moving closer to my lips with yours. Your head screaming no, but your will saying yes. You back away several times. You try again, and as you back away I stop you and pull you close. Our lips come together with a mad passionate intensity you have never felt and not wanting to end. You climb over straddle me. Kissing, licking and biting at my neck and chest. Your hands work furiously to get my shirt off and I help with it’s release. You calm yourself as you take in my form. Hands slowly running up and down my chest and abs. My hands are quick to your hips lifting your own shirt off of you. I cup your breasts and unsnap your bra. I pull you close, my head going to the valley between your tits. You moan and tilt your head back as your body starts to tingle. It’s working, you think to yourself. I am going to be his slut tonight. Whatever he wants, he shall have it all you keep telling yourself. Your heart is racing and your adrenaline is pumping through your veins. You lead me to your bedroom, where I fully and confidently take over. As you walk to the bed, you remove your skirt and panties. Your thigh high boots staying on. You climb up and get on all fours looking back at me. You watch as my briefs come off revealing the source of my bulge. You bite your tongue seeing my hard cock. You body tells you that this night is going to be fantastically exquisite. You part your legs as I approach, my hand rubbing your cunt. My fingers wasting no time filling you. “Oh….mmmmm……yes” you say to me as I rub. Looking back at me your moans turn to a request. You can’t believe your ears when you hear yourself say, “Fuck me baby. I want to be your slut.” I look at you with a wide grin on my face. My cock presses into your hole. “Don’t tease me baby, I said FUCK ME!” you reply as you push me inside of you. You pull off and slide back again, and again. My own hips following your dance. I smack your ass lightly, and then again a little harder. “Oh yeah, that’s it baby. Smack my ass hard, fuck my pussy harder” you reply. I oblige, my hands going to your hips and aiding with the pushing and pulling. “OH FUCK, OH FUCK, FUCK YEAH, FUCK YEAH!!! You cry out every time my cock fills you. I lean over you, and ask in your ear, “Does your cunt feel good slut? You want this fat cock to keep ramming you? Tell me my slut wants it!” “Yes I want it. I want that fat cock. Fuck me, fuck me, I am your slut. Fuck me like the slut I am. Fuck me harder!” you gasp as your first orgasm fills you. The orgasm makes you arms weak and you drop chest first to the bed. You breathing coming hard and fast. “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” Is all you can say. You feel slight pressure just above your pussy. My cock still pounding you, but you feel another hole about to be penetrated. “OH YES!!!” is all you can say as my thumb presses into your asshole. “Fuck my ass baby, fuck it” you say as you pull off of me. My cock shines with cunt juice as the head slips up. I push in, slowly at first and inch my way deeper. “Uh huh, yeah fill my ass with that fat cock” you gasp as I finally go on fully. “It feels so good, oh fuck my ass, pound it, fuck it like my pussy” you tell me as I grab your hips again and resume the hard pounding. I reach over you and pull you up by your shoulders, causing you to sink deeper onto my cock. “OH GOD YES!!!!” You moan as my hand slips down and rubs your clit. The ass pounding and pussy stimulation cause you to cum again. The orgasm fills your entire body and you fall forward uncontrollably. I pull myself out of your ass and push myself right back into your dripping snatch. You feel some soreness in your ass, but you love the feeling. Your pussy is getting another work out and is getting the same feeling. My stamina has you astonished, most guys would have cum by now. You quickly lose the thought as your body tells you an even harder orgasm is coming. You breathing hard and heavy as it is, but you can’t control yourself. You give in to your body, telling me, telling everyone….”OH FUCK ME. FUCK ME LIKE THE SLUT I AM, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK MEEEEEE, I AM A SLUT, OH GOD, FUCK ME…….FUCKFUCKFUCK, FUCK MEEEEE, I AM A SLUT!!!” I pull out of you and watch as your body convulses. You regain enough control to roll over onto your back. Lifting up to your elbows, you watch me as I climb back on top of you. I grab your spread legs and lift them up to my chest closing them. You feel my head push inside of your tightened twat. You thank god that your dripping from your previous orgasms. I push in, and you moan again as I part your sheath. I don’t relax for one minute after penetrating you. You feel your hips lift off of the bed as I rise up on my knees. My cock filling you deeply. You know you will be sore in the morning after this amazing fuck you are getting. You remind yourself to call your friend to see if her night was as good as yours. You hear my breathing coming faster and shorter. You separate your legs and drop them to the bed. Your body is reaching yet another climatic rush and your hips work with my own thrusts. “KEEP FUCKING ME, I AM CUMMING AGAIN....OH FUCK YES….YES……FUCK YES……FUCK……….YES…..OH GOD I AM CUMMMMMMING!!!!” you cry out with body shaking gasps. I pull out of you, my own orgasm gripping my senses. I start to stroke my cock and within seconds my hot jizz flies landing on your body. You spasm as the hot liquid cools on your sweaty skin. Several more shot cover you before you sit up taking my cock into your mouth and licking and sucking me clean. After you clean me you fall back on the bed and I collapse beside you. Stroking my hair, you ask me to stay the rest of the night. As I lay there you tell me I was right about those little boys and reveal to me that that was round one, your turn is coming later…………………………………………………………………………………


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