A day with Master

It was a cold windy winter day as she slowly makes her way up the sidewalk the hem of her dress billowing around her thighs with each step. Carefully she looks around at the other houses lining the street, knowing that if anyone is looking out their windows that they will see her ass as the wind blows her dress. The only sounds are her heels tapping on the sidewalk as she turns towards the house at the end of the street. Taking a look around as she stops before the door she knocks “tap..tap..tap” then sinks to her knees as she waits for Him to open the door. As the door swings open she can see His boots, then she hears His voice “playroom slut” before He begins to walk away. Quietly she begins to crawl after Him. Stopping just inside the playroom she kneels with her legs parted, her arms at her sides with hands resting on her thighs palm up, her head held straight even as she keeps her eyes lowered. Staying still and quiet she feels Him walk behind her, and then suddenly everything goes dark as He places a blindfold over her eyes, fastening it behind her head. He runs His hand down over her back and she cannot control the light shiver that runs over her. He leans down next to her ear and lightly says “stand and strip slut”. As she stands and begins to slowly unzip her dress before sliding it from her shoulders letting it fall to the floor and pool at her feet, she feels His eyes on her. Now there she stands naked before Him except for the collar around her neck and the blindfold over her eyes. Listening carefully she hears Him as He walks around her, her breath coming a little faster as she doesn’t know what He is going to do next. Then all of a sudden she feels the sting of His hand as He slaps her hard on the ass. Smack after smack lands on her ass, and then just as suddenly as they started they stop. Then she hears His voice “hands behind your head” and quickly she laces her hands behind her head as He applies cuffs to her wrists. He then bends and places another set of cuffs around her ankles before He stands and walks around in front of her. As He hooks His finger in the ring on her collar He gives it a tug as He begins to walk across the room knowing that she will follow Him. As they near the center of the room she bumps into the bench there. He guides her till she is bent over it. He tugs her up by her collar till her breasts fall into the holes on the bench, He then let’s go and walks around her. Walking around to her head He tugs on her collar again pulling her tight then He fastens the ring to a hook on the bench making her head immobile. He then moves around and unhooks the cuffs on her wrists as He pulls her arms straight out to the right and left before He hooks the cuffs to hooks making her arms immobile. Then He moves down to her ankles and kicks her feet wide apart before hooking them to hooks so that she is now stretched out and completely immobile. He walks up and bends down before her “now is My slut ready for some fun?” He asks, “yes Master” she softly replies. He grins as He stands and slides a hand in His pocket, pulling out a remote He presses a button and watches as the holes her breasts are hanging thur begins to close in on them. As they close in her eyes widen and she sucks in a deep breath as she feels her breasts being squeezed tighter and tighter. He doesn’t let off of the button till the holes have closed tightly around her breasts, He smiles as He sees them changing colors. “How’s My slut feeling now?” He asks, when she opens her mouth to reply He slips a gag in watching her eyes widen even more. All she can do is listen to Him chuckle as He fastens it in place. Feeling His hand slide down her back, her body slightly tenses, His hand runs down and over her ass cheeks, then she feels Him part her ass. Next thing she knows He is pressing something against her tight little ass hole, He smacks her ass cheek as He feels her trying to tense up while He continues to push the plug into her ass, till its firmly seated in her. He presses another button on the remote and watches her slightly jerk as the plug starts to vibrate deep in her ass. He lightly laughs as He reaches down and straps another vibe onto her clit before turning it on also. Taking a step back He stands there and watches her for several minutes knowing that she can’t escape the things happening to her body. Then grinning down at her He grabs His favorite whip and begins to slowly whip her up and down over her back, her ass, and her legs. He watches her body knowing she is getting close to orgasm and suddenly He stops with the whip and turns off all the vibes. There she lays bound and gagged her body a quivering mass as her orgasm is denied her. Over and over He takes her to the edge like that but each time denying her, her orgasm till there is a puddle on the floor beneath her from where her juices have leaked from her cunt. He then pulls the vibe off of her clit as He frees His cock, He growls in that deep voice of His “DO NO CUM SLUT” as He rams into her hot wet cunt. Quickly He fucks her hard and fast, pounding away at her till He fills her with His cum. He then pulls out and removes the plug and gag while releasing her from her restraints. He then says “go prepare for bed slut” as He heads off towards the shower. As He climbs into bed later and sees her curled up there on the foot of the bed at His feet He says “you did very good tonight, maybe I’ll let you cum tomorrow slut” as T/they drift off to sleep. Wakening up the next morning and He sees she is still asleep. He walks over to the shower and takes a long warm shower, thinking about what He has planned for that day. Some parts put a smile on His face and some make Him look serious. Lightly she stirs in her sleep, her hand reaching out towards Him and finding the spot empty. Stretching as her eyes flutter open, she smiles as she hears the shower running. A smile on her lips as she lays there and wakes up the rest of the way. He gets out of the shower and notices that she is awake as He steps back in the bedroom. "Good morning My slut, sleep well?" He asks as He starts dressing for the day. By the choice of His clothes she knows that He has to go to the office and He sees in her eyes that she knows that. "Don’t worry, I know it’s Saturday but there are some things I need to finish, I won’t be long" He says. As He finishes dressing He looks over at her with a evil smile on His face. "I want you to only put on shoes and your ankle and wrist cuffs. Then I want you to walk to the garden and cuff yourself via your collar to the pole in the garden and wait there for Me" He tells her as He walks out of the bedroom Slowly she nods and replies "yes Master" as she slowly begins to crawl from the bed and make her way to the bathroom where she quickly does what she needs to do in there before making my way to the closet. Bending over she rummages around in the closet till she finds her black 4" heels and slowly slips them on before making her way across to the dresser where she opens the drawer and with a smile she pulls out her pink wrist and ankle cuffs. Making her way over to the foot of the bed she sits down and first applies the ones around her ankles before putting the ones around her wrists. Making her way slowly down the stairs she walks out into the garden and looks around before making her way over to the pole in the center of the garden. Looking over at the pole she finds the hook and as she takes a deep breath she hooks her collar to the pole letting her eyes drift closed as she thinks over what He may have planned for His slut. He walks out into the garden carrying a bucket of warm water and some other stuff. He walks over to her and ties her wrists and ankles to the poles next to her so that she is spread open. He takes the bucket and He starts washing her with a hard sponge, making sure He rubs extra hard round her nipples, pussy and ass. As He washes her all over she sees Him take the garden hose and He sprays her all over, knowing the water is cold. When all the foam of the soap is off her body He unties her ankles and wrists but tells her to keep her legs spread. He walks over to the table and she can see Him walk back to her holding a set off little balls that will vibrate with every move she makes and the nipple clamps with the chain in-between. First He puts the clamps on her nipples and attachs the chain to her neck collar so her nipples are pulled up. Then He hands her the little balls as He takes a seat across from her, He tells her to put the balls in her pussy one by one. While she does that He tells her “you are to stay out until the sun has dried you, then release yourself from the pole and do whatever you need to do in the house while wearing the balls and clamps. I want you to come to My office dressed in something you may choose yourself with a lunch for the both of us. For every minute you are later then 1pm you will get 10 lashes on your body”. After He tells her this He gets up, gives her a deep, long kiss while His hands roam her body and then heads to the office. There she hangs from the pole for about an hour as the sun slowly dries her before she unhooks herself and slowly makes her way into the house. Quickly she goes thur her housework before making her way upstairs to the bedroom. Going over to the closet she finds a very short black skirt and slides into it before reaching for the pink lacey tank top she had just bought last night in the same pink as her wrist and ankle restraints. Slowly she makes her way down to the kitchen and grabs the picnic basket, glancing at the clock she knows she is not going to make it to the office on time as she adds a bottle of wine, some strawberries, and several roast beef sandwiches to the basket before turning to grab a couple of plates, glasses and napkins. Making her way out of the house she makes the drive to His office as quickly as she can though she is still almost 20mins late by the time she arrive in His office. He sees her enter the building and immediately He calls her on her cellphone. "I want you to walk through the black door into the main room, take off your top there and then open the little box on the table. There you will find two items, do with them as they are intended. Then come up via the stairs to My office". He knows that when He makes her walk the stairs the little balls will vibrate more and in combination with the fact that she didn't have an orgasm the night before He knows she is struggling not to cum. As she hangs up her cell after He finishes giving her the instructions, walking thur the door she removes her top and folds it laying it on the table as she glances at the box there before she slowly opens it. Inside she sees the gag, she slowly removes it, slipping it into her mouth and fastening it behind her head. Looking in the box again she pulls out the other item there, a small butt plug, her eyes widen a little till she sees there is also a small pack of lube attached to it, slowly she applies the lube before bending over and slowly working it into her tight little hole. Going out the back door she slowly makes her way up the stairs to His office, it taking all she can, not to cum. He follows her via the camera's He has installed and He can’t help but grin as He see her struggle to get up the stairs. Then He sees her walk into His office and the only thing He says to her is “take off your skirt also and then take position so you can receive your punishment for being late”. Slowly she nods her head since she can’t speak with the gag in her mouth as she quickly removes her skirt, folding it and laying it on His desk before she moves to the center of the room and stands with legs spread and her hands laced together behind her neck, her eyes lowered. He opens a drawer and takes out the little horsewhip with the leather pad on the end. "Let’s see, 20 minutes late, times 10 lashes per minute, that’s 200 lashes, isn’t it slut" He says as He walks over to her and lets the whip slide over her naked body. Slowly she nods her head as she stands there before Him. As He sees her nod He grins and then He starts whipping her backside, making sure He doesn’t miss one inch of her body. When He reaches 100 He stops and walks round her, dragging the whip over her body and tapping her softly on her nipples. "Now, 100 left. But before I start I want you to remove the nipple clamps and the little balls". Slowly she first removes the nipple clamps one at a time, crying out behind the gag as the pain of it races thur her, before she bends over and slowly begins to pull the balls out, taking several deep breaths as she does. He grins as He hears her scream from behind the gag and He sees the wetness drip down her thighs. Then He starts whipping her front and after He is finished He takes a seat back behind His desk. "Remove all things from your body and then come sit beside Me” He says. Hearing His instructions she starts removing things one at a time till all has been removed, slowly she makes her way over and sits by Him, slightly grimacing as she sits on her ass. He hands her a strawberry and smiles down at her. Then He takes another strawberry and leans down and lets it slide between her wet pussy lips. Then He puts it in His mouth and she hears Him moan as He swallows it. W/we take O/our time finishing O/our lunch and then He tells her to stand in the middle off the room and play with her pussy until He is finished with His work. Luckily for her He doesn’t need much time anymore and He hears her sigh from relief when He tells her to stop playing with herself. He walks from behind His desk and she sees Him carrying a long rope. He takes His time when He starts putting her into a tight full body bondage, every once and a while pinching her nipples or playing with her pussy or ass. He even sometimes stops to give her a long deep kiss and He sees in her eyes that there is nothing more she would like now than to have permission to cum. He sees she is totally into her subspace, and He knows her entire body breaths sex, submission and pride. When He is finished with the bondage He tells her “get on your knees and put your hands in your neck”, as she sees Him open His pants before His hard cock dangles in front of her mouth. Teasingly she licks her lips as she sees His hard cock right before her, her lips slightly parting as she glances up at Him before lowering her eyes back down to His cock. He starts laughing as He sees her reaction. Then she suddenly feels His hands round her head as He roughly pulls her over His cock with her mouth. He starts fucking her in her mouth hard and relentless, hearing her gag every once and a while. Then suddenly she feels Him start to tremble as He pulls His cock back and she feels His load land all over her breasts along with some on her face. "Get up" He says when He comes back to His senses, and then he leads her out to the cars. As she follows behind Him as He leads her out towards the cars she can feel His cum drying on her face and breasts. He pushes her into the car as He takes place on the driver seat. When W/we get home He tells her to look for a place in the house and that He wants her to take the most humiliating position she can imagine. As she thinks for a second she then makes her way in the house and out the back door onto the deck where she gets on her hands and knees after she clips the tie out (You know the kind that one ties a dog out on) to her collar, His cum still on her body as she whimper like a puppy for Him. He walks out to the deck while drinking coffee. "There she is, My little slut" He says as He lets a finger slide between her pussy lips. "My My, aren’t we wet, little slut. Do you feel horny today, do you want to get fucked" He says in a disgracing tone. "Do you think you deserve to be fucked" He asks after a while and she hears Him put away the cup. Whimpering a little more she says "yes Master Your slut wants to get fucked today, Yes Master Your slut is horny today, very horny Master...please Master fuck this slut of Yours as You feel she deserves..if You feel she deserves it.” He looks down at her and then she hears Him walk away. He leaves her sitting there for a short while and then suddenly she hears Him walk onto the deck, grabbing her by her hips as He rams His cock deep into her dripping wet pussy. He starts pounding her pussy hard and deep, meanwhile He pulls her nipples and slaps her ass. Then she feels Him pull His cock out and slide it into her ass simultaneous with a big humming vibrator into her pussy. "Hold the vibrator in your pussy with one hand and make yourself cum on it" He says. When He feels her grab the vibrator He grabs her by the shoulders and starts fucking her hard in the ass. As she holds the vibe in her dripping pussy, He fucks her ass harder, her moans growing louder, her body starting to shake as her orgasm builds faster in her, and then with a loud scream, her body shakes as He continues to fuck her ass hard as she starts to cum hard. He sees her body shiver and rock from her orgasm and then He pulls out. He walks round her and He pulls her head back and gives her a deep long kiss. "Cum again for Me" He says as He looks her in the eyes as He keeps her head pulled back. Unable to hold it back as she hears His words her body shakes as she cries out as she cums again. He waits until the orgasm dies down and then He tells her to release herself from her chain and the ropes and then He tells her to take a shower and get dressed as W/we are going out for dinner tonight. Slowly she releases herself from the chain then stands on shaky legs as she undoes the rope from her body before making her way into the house and up the steps..she takes a long hot shower then calls down to Him "Master what would You like Your slut to dress in?" He calls out “something that makes it possible to undress you quickly and something that shows all your good parts as well, I need access to all your playthings.” As she goes to the closet and rummages around till she finds a short black low-cut ,dress that zippers down the front and slips into it before she puts on the heels she had on earlier and makes her way down the steps she stops before Him with her arms at her sides to allow Him to inspect His slut. He walks around her and she can feel His hands slide under her dress and play a little with both her holes. He also plays with her nipples to make them hard and then He hands her a butplugg and pussy plug along with some small clamps. "When we get to the restaurant I want you to attach and insert all I just gave you before we enter the restaurant, you’re not allowed to do it in the car" He says. "I am going to take a shower now, all the time I need for that I want you to stand in front of the big mirror in the room and play with your pussy and tits without taking your dress off, you’re only allowed to lift it to reach your pussy". Moving over she stands before the mirror and begins to play with herself as He goes up the stairs to the shower. Taking His time to shower, when He finally comes down again He sees her face is totally red again from holding her orgasm back again. He is dressed in all black. His voice reaching her as He tells her “stop playing with yourself, it’s time to go”. W/we walk to the car and drive off to the restaurant. As W/we pull into the parking lot at the restaurant she looks around as He parks and gets out of the car. Taking a deep breath as He opens her door she steps out into the cool night air the toys clutched in her hands. Slowly she makes her way around to the front of the car her heels tapping with each step. Stopping there she spreads her legs and reaches under the short hem of her dress and inserts the plug into her pussy, then she rubs the other plug through her wetness before she bends slightly over the hood of the car and slowly inserts it into her ass. With a deep breath she stands up again as she reaches down the top of her dress and attaches the clamps to her hard nipples before she glances over at Him. He smiles as He says “come on My little slut, let’s go have dinner” as He smacks her on the ass before walking towards the entrance. As T/they enter the restaurant T/they are lead over to a table in the middle of the room. He holds the chair out for her and she sits down with a slight moan escaping as He walks around and takes His seat. After a few minutes the waiter appears to take T/their order. He glances at her then the waiter before He says “ W/we will have the grilled chicken with the mango salsa, glazed carrots and the roasted potatoes along with a bottle of wine” As He hands the menus back with one hand His other hand slips into His pocket, she slightly jumps as she feels the toys in her start to vibrate lightly, a light blush starts on her cheeks as she hopes the waiter didn’t notice. Glancing over at Him she sees the grin on His face as the waiter turns and walks away. “Something the matter My slut?” He asks, softly she replies “no Master.” He chuckles as the vibrations stops; she takes a deep breath as she notices the waiter approaching with T/their meals. As the meals are set before T/them and the wine poured, her eyes widen as she again feels the vibrations start. He leaves them on low knowing it will keep her aroused but will not be enough to make her cum. Lightly squirming in her seat, she tries to ignore the toys vibrating in her as she attempts to eat her meal, the smile never really leaving her Masters face as He eats. When T/they are done He turns the toys off, walking around the table to her, He leans down and whispers “the night isn’t over yet My slut.” Leaving the restaurant W/we stop by the car as He leans in to give her a kiss He grabs the hem of her dress and pulls it up and off of her “now in the car My slut, lets go.” She gazes out the window as He drives out of town towards the country. A comfortable silence filling the car as W/we leave the lights of the city behind U/us. Soon He pulls off the road and parks next to a path leading off into the woods. Getting out of the car He clips the leash onto her collar and softly says “let’s go for a short walk My slut.” Slowly W/we make O/our way down the path till W/we come upon a small clearing, the stars and moon shining down on the small lake there. As she looks around she can tell that He was there earlier as she sees the blanket and basket sitting beside it. He leads her over and with a downward tug on her leash has her kneeling on the blanket. He drops the leash and bends over opening the basket, pulling out several candles He lights them sitting them around the blanket on the ground. His voice rings out in the quiet night “remove the toys and clamps then put them in the basket.” Slowly she begins to remove the clamps from her nipples and the plugs from her pussy and ass before she drops them softly into the basket. He leans over and gives her a long passionate kiss as He pushes her till she is laying on her back. With a grin He stands over her as He picks up one of the candles, slowly He tilts it letting the wax drip down upon her flesh. As the first drop hits her she sucks a breath in between her teeth, with each additional drop she tries her best not to squirm. He continues to drip the wax on her till her breasts are covered in it and a trail runs down her stomach to her waist. He can tell from her skin that she is chilled in the night air, with a slight smile and a glint in His eyes He says “I will have you warm soon My slut.” He pulls a small leather flogger from the basket and slowly He begins at her breasts, each strike of it knocking the now hardened wax from her body. He continues till He has covered each inch over her and has her body lightly glowing. As she lays there looking up at Him, He starts to remove His shirt then His boots and pants before He lays down beside her. “Lay as still as possible and just feel…My slut” He says as His hands start to roam over her body. He kisses her deeply as His hands slide down her body to her pussy, slowly He slides a finger between her lips letting it glide over her clit before it slips inside of her. He slowly fingers her till she is squirming and moaning loudly. He can tell that she is ready for Him as He rises up and slips between her legs. He slowly enters her inch by inch till He is completely filling her. His teeth clench as sweat breaks out on His forehead even in the cool night as He slowly begins to make love to her. When He feels her body clenching around Him, He whispers “cum for Me” then a few seconds later her body explodes as she cries out. When He feels her orgasm start to subside He gives one more deep thrust into her as He starts to fill her with His cum. After a few minutes He rolls to the side and in that voice she finds so sexy He says “I love you My slut.” After a few minutes He stands, gets dressed then holds His hand out to her and helps her to her feet. Grabbing the blanket He shakes it out before He wraps it around her and leads her back to the car. As T/they drive back to the house she falls asleep in the car. When T/they reach the house He looks over at her before He gets out and walks around the car. He slowly opens her car door as He reaches in and scoops her into His arms. He carries her into the house and up to the bed room where He places a kiss on the top of her head before tucking her in. He strips and crawls in beside her, as He puts a arm around her and pulls her close He whispers once more “I love you” then drifts off to sleep as well.


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