Tears fall down her face like raindrops falling from the sky. The darkness she pulls around her like a blanket. The moon and stars twinkling in the sky are her only companions. A cloud passing over them momentarily is like a kiss brushed across her cheeks. The wind as it glides over her skin is like the caress of a hand. Then she opens her eye... Read More
It was a cold windy winter day as she slowly makes her way up the sidewalk the hem of her dress billowing around her thighs with each step. Carefully she looks around at the other houses lining the street, knowing that if anyone is looking out their windows that they will see her ass as the wind blows her dress. The only sounds are her heels tappi... Read More
“Tonight we are getting fucked, especially you” your friend proclaims a little too loudly, before you both walk into the bar. She gives a wide smile as she looks at you. Both of you knowing that you have not had a good fucking for several months. Just as she finishes her proclamation hear a car door close. You both watch me as I walk into the b... Read More
Watchers, Part 1 It's getting late in the evening. You and your colleague at work are just putting the finishing touches on the presentation the 2 of you are to give on Monday morning. His phone starts to vibrate and he tells you he needs to answer it. You overhear him say, I lost track of time, the project is finished meet at my office. I will mak... Read More
The Gallery I watched her. She walked slowly around the gallery her eyes fixed on the canvasses displayed on the walls. Occasionally she would stop and examine a brush stroke or technique and even less stop and gaze at a piece absorbing the artist’s work. She stood out from the crowd of attendees at this small gathering in this small town. Her l... Read More

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