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About Me

I enjoy life one day at a time, if you want to chat feel free to leave a message, or Gif even, on my wall and say 'Hi'.

Male and Dominant; I believe a balance between firm, strict, and gentle is best for being a Dominant Man... you don't need to bully

I have Yahoo and Skype if you are interested. 

Things I enjoy most:

A Lovely Backside...I am a connoisseur of the female tush.
Barebacking and Creampies - No Condoms, As Nature intended it to be.
Impregnation / Breeding - It's Primal and deeply erotic
Lactation - Breast Milk, it does a body good
submissives and babygirls
Bondage and Domination - again I don't feel I have to be the 'heavy' or bully to be a Dominant.
Redheads - rare treasures, their hair matches their fiery personalities
Japanese girls - kawaii desu 
Erotic Spankings - as it is better to give than to receive
Tomboy's - there is an appeal there...
Cuckold wives/married women (along the lines of the joke, 
'How are your wife and my children')

'leet' / text speak - R and U are letters, not words
selfish partners - not responding after 5 or so lines is not polite
Blank Profiles - not nice, especially when it comes to your age, share a little

Feel free to message me and we can take it from there... 
and if you have read this let me know with a #411 in private


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