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About Me

Hi there, I know it is a bit long but please read!!

I am Chaotic, CB or Bitch. Now as for how I chose this screen name. First off I liked the sound of it. Secondly there is usally a lot of things going on so life can seem chaotic, plus I can be a bitch, so Chaotic Bitch was made.


I am only as nice as people allow me to be, so don't push my Bitch button and all will be good.


Yes I have built walls around me, they are there to find out who truly cares. I will not make it easy for you to bring down those walls. Just because I am a sub, that does not in any way mean I am going to "just submit" to you. It also does not mean that you get instant respect and trust from me, those are EARNEDThere is many "fake" Doms, if that is you just keep going, I am not the one for you.


If you PM me and your opening line is either rude or sounds like you are thinking with your "little head", then don't expect a response.

Do not PM me a pic of your cock nor ask if I want to see it. Honestly IF I want to see that then there is already plenty of them on the net.

There is currently one pic of me on my profile, that is all there is, don't ask for more. I am not going to share more than that one.

No I do not want any of your messenger addy's. If at some point I do, then I will ask. If it reaches that point then we have became true friends. I also don't want your phone number. Nor am I going to cam with you or watch your cam. If I want to watch something then I am more than capable of finding some porn to watch.

If you PM me porn links, first off I am not going to watch them and secondly I will just close the PM out, again I am capable of finding that on my own.

Ladies, I am straight, don't think you are the one that is going to change that.

Also if you PM me and ask me anything that can be found here in my profile, guess what, that's right , I will close out the PM. I didn't put the time and effort into writing this just to have to answer it in a PM.

Random friend request will be rejected.



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